Accountant Sydney

Nick Papas

Accounting & Taxation Principle

Nick has a wide range of experience gained over 36 years of professional accounting and taxation work.

As a C.P.A., Registered Tax Agent and ASIC Agent he can assist you in all aspects of tax, compliance and business structures.

Stephen Papas

Accounting & Taxation Consultant

Stephen Joined Nick Papas & Co in June 2019, and works as a tax and accounting consultant.

Stephen worked as an accountant 6 years prior to joining Nick Papas & Co. His prior experience in taxation and accounting has positioned him perfectly in this firm.

Accountant Sydney

Our team of highly skilled and professional accountants in Sydney provide a variety of services that take all the stress and responsibility out of money management. we pride ourselves on being one of the top accountant Sydney firms and deliver exceptional and high quality service. Whether your an individual or a business owner we make it easy to manage money. We personally tailor a financial plan for you to track, organise and even update your financial responsibilities such as paying tax.

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Our accounting firm has everything a business will need in terms of its accounting tasks. Our services can vary depending on the requirements of your business. We can cater to big companies, small businesses and to working individuals who are in need of their financial and accounting reports and figures. Our Accountants can provide detailed and thorough reports that you may need at a specific timeline and on a regular basis.

Some of the many services we offer include financial record keeping, internal and external audits, tax advisement, risk management, strategic goal setting, and business consulting. If your interested in any of our professional services, feel free to contact us.